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The book is in the Akiba!  If you choose to purchase the book elsewhere, please make sure you have the actual book.  There is a "before amen journal, a supplemental study guide and a DVD, and each of the covers look exactly like the book!  

             Believer's Purpose = TGG  "To Glorify God"

Father you are good.  I  need Help.  Heal Me and Forgive me.  They need help. 

 Thank you.  In Jesus name, amen

---The Pocket Prayer by Max Lucado

Jermaine Dolly (The Dolly Express)

Do you BELIEVE God or just believe in God? 

Wisdom + Courage + Yieldedness + Faith + Trust = More

God's Power + God's Presence + God's Peace = Rejoicing

 Imagine A Place

·       Where Children are Loved!

·       Where Elders are Respected!

·       Where Families are Strengthened!

·       Where Males are taught to be Men!

·       Where Girls are taught to be Women!

·       Where Marriage is Encouraged!

·       Where Africa is a Part of One’s Theology!

·       Where the Immediate Needs of the Community are on the people’s heart!

·       Where the Bible has Authority and Scholarship is not Demonized!

·       Where being Different is not a Deficiency!

·       Where one can be Single, Complete and Saved!

·       Where Christ is Head!

·       Where the Holy Spirit is Welcome!

·       Where Liberation and Salvation Meet!