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 The Power of God's Names 

Rev. Clyde A. White, Facilitator

How To Break A Fast

To break a fast of one or two days presents little or no problem. The art of breaking a fast lies in the method of bringing the body back to its accustomed strength and the digestive organs to their normal efficiency as smoothly and as speedily as possible. -God's Chose Fast by Arthur Wallis

Tips and Suggestions for breaking a Fast of longer duration:

1. Initially eat small amounts. Your stomach has shrunk.

2. Your normal enzymes have gone to sleep during the fast so what you eat is as important as how much you eat.

a. Most agree that for a normal fast of some length (water only) it is best to start with Fruit or Vegetable Juice. Fresh is better than bottle or frozen. Orange and Grapefruit freshly squeezed are best juices for breaking your fast.

b. Apple, Grape and Tomato Juice are acceptable alternatives.

3. Fresh salads (without dressing), home made vegetable soup (no fat) and cooked vegetables can then be added to your diet. Remember small quantities are important.

4. Chew your food well before swallowing and eat slowly. At the first sign of being full, STOP!

5. Get plenty of Rest as you are regaining your strength and your digestive organs are regaining their normal efficiencies. Do not relax Spiritually, Satan is waiting!

6. Meat will come when your body says it can handle it. Too soon and your body will react negatively.

7. Some of these tips are just good eating habits.

- Fasting can Save Your Life - Herbert M. Shelton MD.