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 The Power of God's Names 

Rev. Clyde A. White, Facilitator

Handout #7 Coming Clean With God

Rather than reciting a guided prayer this week, take this opportunity to confess to God some issue that has a hold on your life- perhaps a longtime, all – too – familiar sin. And then accept his forgiveness with a grateful heart.

Hand Out #6 Grace on the Fringe

Heavenly Father, have I been bound in self pity? Have I become too comfortable in my mourning clothes? Am I reluctant to let go of them so I can grasp the unknown goodness of your Grace? Give me the courage to take initiative and pursue your goodness and grace. In the name of Jesus, I pray, amen.

Hand Out#5 Wet Feet

Lord God, gracious Father, you have reached down from heaven and poured your forgiveness over me. Though once I was drowning in my sin, now I’m floating in your mercy. Whenever my “righteous” indignation starts to surface, please show me my own sin. Let gratitude for your immeasurable gift of grace supersede any inclination I have for revenge. Remind me of my hopeless condition without you so I can share with others the great grace you’ve given me. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Hand Out#4 You Can Rest Now

God, thank you for the immeasurable free gift of your grace. You gave your Son in my place so I wouldn’t have to work to erase my sin. You’ve already done that for me. Your grace is all I need, and all you want from me is acceptance. I know I can never be good enough or do enough to merit your gift. Forgive those foolish thoughts that discount your sacrifice, and remind me that you alone can save me. You are my hope and my salvation. In your Son’s name I pray, amen.

Hand Out #3 O Sweet Exchange 

Heavenly Father, holy Son, your gift of grace cost you deeply. But too often I fail to focus on your sacrifice. My sin makes a mockery of your gift. Please forgive me for my selfishness. Renew my sense of wonder at your grace. Give me the strength and wisdom to live a life that reflects your love for me so others will see you, not me. In Jesus’ holy name I pray, amen.

Hand Out #2 The God Who Stoops 

“We are free from condemnation, but Scripture also tells us to confess our sins to God. In this act of confession, the light of God’s grace enters our lives. Spend some time telling God about the accusations and condemnations against you, and accept the clean heart he is offering you.”

Hand Out #1 Grace – Shaped Live

“Gracious Father, I can’t hide anything from you- no bad habits, No toxic relationships, no secret sins. But you want to pull me out of the mire and clean me off with you grace. I know you’re willing to take my heart of stone and put a new, grace-filled heart in its place. O Lord, make me willing to receive it. Loosen my grip on my messy life so my hands will be open to receive you in every way. In your Son’s name I pray, amen.”

This prayer is to be prayed daily during the week of 10/21/20014. Or whenever the Spirit leads you!