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 The Power of God's Names 

Rev. Clyde A. White, Facilitator

God's Promises Against Envy

As we have traveled this journey in search of the best way. We have become aware that two of our most destructive enemies are envy and jealousy. Upon a closer look we now know that envy and jealousy are daughters of Satan.

These daughters come in many different disguises, but they are truly demonic spirits. The Word of God teaches us so much about Spiritual Warfare and dealing with Demonic Spirits.

God’s Word is full of promises that we should apply to our everyday needs. We need to be sure that our needs are in agreement with God’s desires for us. We also must make sure that the desires of our hearts have been dictated to our hearts by our Loving Heavenly Father.

Below are ten scriptures that we should remember and pray when we get a visit from the “twin daughters” of Satan… Envy and Jealousy!

The first 5 are what God wants to give us; the last 5 are how God will protect us.