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 The Power of God's Names 

Rev. Clyde A. White, Facilitator

If you have a praise report or a prayer request please send Rev. Clyde an e-mail at [email protected] or [email protected] 

The following individuals have shared a praise report or a prayer request with Rev. Clyde. Please call out all of these names when you kneel in prayer! Always remember, "When a believing person prays, great things happen." James 5:16 (b) NCV We praise God for your participation! Be Blessed

Praise Reports:

Aaron Hawkins

Adam Farmer                                      Adell Wright Jr.

Alana Burke Alicia & Steven Wilson

Angela & Michael Bryant & family

Archie Burton & Lillian Rooks Barbara J.

Bill Glover

Bill Singleton

Bobby Anderson

Bonita Howard

Bonita & Chuck Maclin

Brenda L. Vance

Brenda Tillman Brittany Poole

Buddie Frank Williams

Burnette Burrell

Carilyn Tucker

Carole Harris

Cassandra Johnson

Cecilia Cruickshank

Cecilia Wallace

Cellestine Patterson                         Chawah Robinson

Cheryl Lindsay Clarence Harris

Christana Waters & family

D. Lopez & Family

Danielle Clark

Darreyl Young-Gibson

Davina Loggin

Day Family

Deborah McKissic Deidra Roberson

DeJona Hawkins

Delores Osborne                                        Delisha Brown                                    Diane Meades

Dorothy Riley

Dr. Julia Speller                              DuSable Leadership Academy            Edwina Hamilton

Elizabeth Bumpers

Elizabeth A. White                               Ella Springs Jones

Engstrand Family

In His Grip Ministry

Inez Young

Irma & Ted Washington

Ishmael Davis Hrobowski

Ivory Haygood Jackie Buford

Jackie Tuck

Janice Crayton

Jenel Thompson

Jiles & George Henry

Joi & Bryan Johnson

Joshua Allen                                       Julius Bryan

Julie Holloway

Karen Dunson

Karen Eddings

Karl Ross

Karson Johnson & daughter

Keith Burt                                                 K. Scott 

Kenny Smith

Kimberly Blash

Kimberly Hobbs Krista Campbell

LaDwyna Gale & family

Lamorris Perry

Lauren Brown

Lavern Robbins-Jones

Lenell Johnson

Lenette Austin

Lynda Forte

Loretta Bubaz

Margaret Thomas

Marjorie Flowers Mark, Shanicca White & Family

Mary Stevenson

Mia & Chase Helm

Michelle Blakely & family

Monique Aguirre

Nikki Spann

Norma J.Johnson Norma Sauls                                      Pamela Preston                                      Paul Huggins                                        Pastor Otis Moss III

Pat Crawford Patricia Thurman - Jones

Pearlie Wilson

Phillip Turner

Portugal Carlton

Ray & Tina Hawkins & family Raymond Henley

Renee Aguirre

Rev. Angela & Curtis Hill

Rev. Clyde & Kathleen White

Rev. Rochelle Michael

Rev. Ruth Hawley-Lowry

Rhonda Wilson

Ron Parris & Family

Rose Scott

Rosemary Marshall Rosie Nowlin

Roslynn C. Riley

Rudy Thompson

Shelia Miller

Simone McGee

Siobhan McKissic

Sirena Donaldson

Sylvia Davis Stephanie Brooks

Tameeka Pounds

Tammy Balcom Tariq Harris

Teen Shut-In Committee The Brooks Family

The Hannahs The McFarland Family The Meades Family Thomas Brown

Thomas & Carmene Jones

Thomas & Elizabeth Jacks

Travis Hoffman

Valeria Hunter

Way of Christ Gospel Ministry  

Prayer Requests:

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